Oregon stories: First we live in a hotel, eew

What else could we do?

When we moved to Florida, we had spent a whirlwind weekend buying a house a month before we sent all our stuff and hopped in our car and drove across the country. We arrived two days before escrow closed and the moving truck showed up 15 minutes after signing the last piece of paper at the title company. Whew, it was close all the way -- and way too fast.

It's small but somehow there's enough room for our two computers. Kim can continue working, while I wander around Portland trying to figure out what to do next.

At least I still have a great view.

First things first: find an apartment. Ok, I did that. Actually, I really did and we move in on Saturday. I'm praying for lots of help, hint hint.


Jeff said...

I'll be there!!!

Slayde said...

Oh! Where is this new apartment? Near Jeff? In some other corner of Portland? I can't wait to see it & you!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

Cathy said...

Oh Jeff, you're my hero! Thanks a gazillion.

Slayde, the apartment is in Gladstone (mean anything to you?), not near Jeff. Yes, I can tell and I'm excited too!

uncle said...

Fast work. Yea. Now you can relax and find just the right house after moving- in recovery spell. I await the images of road adventure, and view from new apartment window.