Chaos and coming unglued

Well, the previous post clearly demonstrates the depth of my present confusion. I mean, what was that? But I'm leaving that post in. It's good for me to see what a basket case I've become; it gives me some perspective. (No disrespect to mamabird, I'm glad she could make some sense out of part of it.)

It's just too hectic right now. Chaos. I feel like I'm keeping 5 million things balanced on my nose.

Kim helps. He's always so calm and he reassures me that everything is okay and is going to be okay.

I run into bags and boxes and piles of junk in the middle of the night. I need to get more organized. Every day I think it'll get easier or that I'll get more done than I actually get done. And then the end of the day comes and I feel defeated.

We are making headway. We will be ready for the moving truck next Monday. It will be okay.


Jeff said...

Just be resigned to the fact that everything will descend into utter chaos as moving day approaches, and you'll remember it all later as a blur. You'll forget how exactly you got everything packed and shipped, but somehow, amazingly, you did, and then will come this immense calm as everything makes its way across the country.

uncle said...

Isn't is amazing how much stuff we can collect? Looked at my stuff and totaly blanked out at the mere thought of moving it all somewhere else. The next thought was, I would only take a tooth brush and some clothes. Think your nose is strong enough to balance it all out, though.

Cathy said...

Jeff, thanks -- that made me laugh with relief and recognition.

Uncle, yes and kim and i talked about just torching all of it and starting over with a very minimalist thing happening. sounded good but somehow we still cling to the things we love.