Chaos and coming unglued

Well, the previous post clearly demonstrates the depth of my present confusion. I mean, what was that? But I'm leaving that post in. It's good for me to see what a basket case I've become; it gives me some perspective. (No disrespect to mamabird, I'm glad she could make some sense out of part of it.)

It's just too hectic right now. Chaos. I feel like I'm keeping 5 million things balanced on my nose.

Kim helps. He's always so calm and he reassures me that everything is okay and is going to be okay.

I run into bags and boxes and piles of junk in the middle of the night. I need to get more organized. Every day I think it'll get easier or that I'll get more done than I actually get done. And then the end of the day comes and I feel defeated.

We are making headway. We will be ready for the moving truck next Monday. It will be okay.