Famous filmmaker

You probably didn't know that I was a famous film-maker. Well, that's okay, I don't like to make a big fuss about it. I'm sure if you're ever up at 3AM in some dive motel in Phoenix, you'll see the incredible, phenomenal, amazing, ground-breaking public service announcement I made for the National Forest Service. Yes, you heard correctly, THE National Forest Service.

The program I was in at Arizona State University was called Visual Communications Design. It was in the Design Science Department of the College of Architecture and was started by none other than Neil Miller -- the photography teacher, remember? For our final project, we each made a 30-second PSA for the NFS. There were 12 of us in the program and we each had an advisor from the Forest Service. We pulled the topic for the PSA out of a hat. Really. We did.

Mine was "Protect the Wilderness". Since I'm a movie buff, I immediately thought of two '70s classic sci-fi films that I loved: Soylent Green and Silent Running. I wanted to do something in 30 seconds that was as powerful as either of those movies. (They're both about what happens in the future when we've mostly destroyed the planet's ability to sustain life. And they're both awesome.)

Some day I'll digitize my PSA and put it here. It's kind of funny -- dated looking, but the message is strong: take care today because tomorrow it'll be too late. So original, don't you think?


Coffee Messiah said...

Good show! ; )

melissa lion said...

I know moving is such a nightmare, but I love all of these pictures you've unearthed!

Cathy said...

CM, thanks.

Melissa, I'm enjoying the hell out seeing all these old pictures. It's fun. I'm a rotten album maker, I just have photos all over the place, loose. Oh well.