The little version of me

Over the years, I've been told by various people that I have a certain determination and purposefulness about me. I've been told I'm stubborn and hard-headed. My friends have told me that they trust me to always tell them the truth, that I don't pussy-foot around and make up shit just to have something to say. (Side story: Allison's name was chosen because I read somewhere that it means "truth-teller". When she was growing up, I told her the only rule was to always tell the truth. And she does that.) I believe that being honest and straightforward are very high virtues and that it's easier to live with others when the truth is always out there. That said, I know it's not always easy to hear the truth. I love being on the telling side but not so much being on the listening side. Oh well.

So I was a little girl once, but I don't remember ever being particularly carefree. I remember being vigilant and careful. It was great to have a big brother who took care of me as much as he did. I know he was having his own rough time and it's amazing that he was so gentle with others.

I'm grateful for everything that has happened to make me the way I am now. I value my strengths, try hard to admit my shortcomings, and work on accepting others for who and what they are (this is the hardest part for me).

I've read a few things recently that are all about how the world is going to hell, we're all going to die, all politicians and governments are corrupt and evil, and on and on, just miserable, depressing garbage.

If we all give up, if we buckle under this weight of doom and gloom, if we believe all the bad, bad, bad, then that is exactly what we'll get. There's nothing that says we cannot see the problems, know they're wrong, get busy doing something (anything) about them and maintain a cheerful existence while doing so. They are not mutually exclusive.

I'm just saying.


MamaBird said...

hear, hear. the sky has always been falling, folks. i agree that being conscious of our surroundings and trying to make things right (better?) doesn't have to make you gloomy. nice post!

Coffee Messiah said...

OK, I'll be honest, Kim looks relaxed (mu MO too) and Life is full of bad crap, but to see the good and attempt at being positive is all we can hope 4.

Sad that it hits harder when older.

Better late than never!

Cheers to ya both! ; )

Cathy said...

mamabird, yeah, me too.

CM, and cheers right back atcha!

melissa lion said...

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