From there to here

I've mentioned a few thousand times how crazy I am about Allison, right? I've been going through all our stuff to get us ready for the big move and I've come across some great pictures. My old scanner isn't packed yet, so...

I was thinking Allison might get a little miffed about this baby picture being posted here -- then I saw that she'd written something on the back, a teacher's name and room number. Well, how about that? She'd taken it to school, so that would mean she's okay with folks seeing it. It'll be a few days before she knows it's here since she's on another one of those trips (I'm pretty sure it's St. Martens this time). So if this pic disappears, you'll know what happened. Heh, heh

It is truly amazing to me that that baby grew up to become this woman. This woman is a runner and next November I'll be in New York to watch her run the New York Marathon. Whoa.