Musical Inspiration UPDATED

It turns out that I know more musicians than I thought I did. I introduced you to Haris a while back. And I recently received two MP3 files in emails, neither one from Haris.

The first one is from Bruce. I've known Bruce since the mid 1970's -- we worked together in the AudioVisual Department at Arizona State University. He's always been a brilliant sound engineer and was part owner of a recording studio in Phoenix for many years. He was the producer on Killer Pussy's first album, Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage. He's also a respectable musician himself.

(There's a picture of Bruce and Celia getting married over on the right side. See if you can find it.)

Bruce writes:
"Attached is an mp3 of my latest musical endeavor with my friend Chris. Recorded on an old souped up Mac G4 with Protools. Shows what a coupla middle aged guys can do with a computer in the spare bedroom."

Chris Daly is an actor and a bad magician (as he demonstrates here with his disappearing brick trick). Heh heh.

The tune is called Empty Space. Enjoy.

And here's another one of those weird re-connecting things that's been going on with me: I got an email from Carl, who was my boss at the last place I worked in San Diego. Carl was writing to let me know he'd found me through this blog and had passed along the contact info to John Frazer, a former co-worker who wanted to talk to me. So. Now I'm back in touch with Carl and Harmonica John, as he's known in the music biz.

Here's the tune John sent. It's called Help Me. Enjoy.


uncle said...

The Blog is rocking n' rolling.

Cathy Mullins said...

Yo! Uncle, s'up?
yes, we're very hip and happening here at cathleen'splace. yeahsure.

Coffee Messiah said...

It's always amazing to me to realize how many people we do run across in our lives who have the creative spirit.

Thanks 4 sharing!

Cathy Mullins said...

CM, perhaps every single person we run across has that creative spirit, some found a way to let it flow out of them, others maybe were told they didn't have it and so don't expect it. hmmm