Florida Stories: Impractical and unattractive front doors

We moved to Clearwater in the month of May, so we immediately got the worst of the Florida weather: hot and wet and buggy. Very hot and very wet. It rains a lot in the summer here. It probably rains every day. So imagine my shock to see front doors like these. I mean, yes, they're unappealing generally, but for heaven's sake, in a place with this much bad weather, you would truly expect some sort of overhang, wouldn't you?!

Well, you decide.

And then there's a house like this:
Beautiful, isn't it? Don't you love the red door? This is our house, of course. You'd think it would have sold by now, as lovely as it is. Soon. Pray for us.

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Slayde said...

It IS lovely. Even prettier than I remember. And what nice landscaping! Someone is going to fall in love with it for sure.