Gentle Ride

Would you like to feel your heart expand about 10 sizes? Would you like to fill up with high-test love and happiness? I know I love that feeling, when I feel peace and love and hope, when I cry tears of joy, when my heart just feels like it's going to burst out of my chest. Well, I've just spent the morning digging those feelings brought to me courtesy of Haris Blackwood, a very old friend of mine. I met Haris in Tempe, Arizona (where I've met the best people in my whole life). She's a song-writer, singer, musician and humanitarian. She teaches love, compassion, understanding and joy.

I've just listened to her first CD, Gentle Ride, which she recorded in 2002. The album is a lovely mix of Haris' original songs and her favorites from other song-writers. I had tears streaming down my face listening to Don't Laugh at Me by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin. There's a whole program around this song to teach youngsters about caring and empathy for others. And it's just the sort of thing Haris embraces. Her rendering of From a Distance likewise had me bawling (in a good way). You'll also find Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon represented on this album. The three Haris original songs are Gentle Ride, Restless and Ace of Hearts -- all captivating songs. But Haris told me recently she particularly likes Gentle Ride (so do I).

You grab the dogs and I'll make sure there's gas in the car;
We'll drive until sunset and sleep wherever we are.

Here's Gentle Ride, have a listen:

This is the CD -- I love this photograph. Now, for those of you fortunate enough to live in Portland (Oregon, of course), you can hear and see her in person. See, this is one of the reasons we've got to get to Portland right away. She's actually playing January 26th at the Plantation House (St. Helen's) and at the Bethany Village Grill on the 30th. Get out there and see her Portland. Bring your friends and make an evening of it!


Coffee Messiah said...

Nice & Thanks for the intro!

BTW, Seskin we used to see on the street and in some clubs in SF in the 70s.

There are many people singing who are much better than most in the PR machine these days!

Do you know of Reilly & Maloney? DM is a friend, stemming from my HS days.

Glad to see you got DS to work for you. Cheers from indy-anna

uncle said...

I really enjoyed Haris' tune. Reminded me of how rich the Tempe Student Child Care years were and how many wonderful people I met, too.

I am trying to remember if I met her once or twice. Haris does not ring a bell, but Patty Blackwood does. I definitely remember meeting a folk singer friend of yours, but am uncertain if it is the same one. Anyhoo, it is so fine she is still carrying on and holding forth. There is something most appealing about the simplicity and easy graciousness of her song and style.

What a delight she now lives in the Portland area. I do hope that you will be on your way soon. I am still casting requests to the house buyers universe.

Cathy Mullins said...

Hey cm, how cool that you'd seen Seskin. To be honest, I'm not familiar with him (beyond Haris' song).
One of the songs on Gentle Ride is about coffee houses. It's called Song of the River Rats by S. Krum. Heard of it? Want it on your blog?

Don't know Reilly & Maloney. I'm truly ignorant as far as the music scene goes, I live under a rock.

To Uncle, yes, Haris is the very same. When we knew her in Tempe, she went by Patty. As soon as we're settled in Portland, you must come and stay and we'll all go out to hear Haris sing!

Coffee Messiah said...

I am getting ready to make a mix of coffee songs and no, I have not heard this one before. If you'd like to share, I'm all ears. I will be working on it and sending out within the next month sometime.

Seskin was quite funny. I really liked his 1st album then the best.

R&M were folkies, and still play. Same thing, even though we are good friends, their older material is much better. Will post something soon with a song of theirs.

Coffee Messiah said...

Thanks for the tune, it's quite nice!

Lauri said...

Thanks for the song, I like her easy style. I remember her too!!! As Patty, and she sang this great song about screaming in the car! Why, I dont' remember that part.