Florida stories: Mailboxes

Well, we're coming to the end of Florida stories. It won't be long and there'll be no more from this part of the country. But hey! You're going to love Oregon stories.

There are so many things that seem peculiar to me about Clearwater. High on the list is the Department of Sanitation and that would include the "recycling" program, of course. Hah! What recycling? Ok, yes, we're given yellow bins to put out paper, aluminum, tin and that's about it. No cardboard, no glass. Some plastic. Oh well. And then there's what we started calling Tuesday pick-up. That's when you can put anything out on the curb and the city will cart it away. No kidding. It's a fantastic service. Needless to say, with two houses needing major renovations, we took full advantage.

But today we're talking about mailboxes. Some of the Florida stories could have taken place anywhere. But I never saw mailboxes like this anyplace else. Certainly not in San Diego. They're almost cute.

There are fish mailboxes. They look like a kit you put together and then paint.

Other aquatic creatures.

A couple of hand-painted beach scenes and a few with just ordinary contact paper stuck on.

Some appropriately tropical birds.

And finally, a fishing lure, a school bus and...a yellow submarine.


melissa lion said...

Look at all of that sun, though. The SUN! When I graduated from high school, you said get out of San Diego, the sun will melt your brain. I think of that when I start to get homesick. Hard living without the sun, but it feels so good when it comes out.

Allison said...

Those are sooo much fun!

Cathy Mullins said...

Melissa, even though I don't remember saying that, I do think that really sunny places are unhealthy. Take Florida. Please.

Allison, they ARE fun, aren't they? I always like playfulness and goodness knows, Florida needs SOMETHING.

Coffee Messiah said...

Before I left Sausalito, I met a photographer who put together a book called: Mailboxes USA (it's probably cheap now) and you'll see plenty from around the USA of course.

Cheers to you both!

Cathy Mullins said...

Hey CM, when I was studying photography a bit more seriously, I took a workshop that was all about series -- photographing the same thing, like a certain kind of fence, or old, crumbling gas stations. It's a fun idea.

David G, you don't understand why? well, because we get to leave Florida, of course.