The Hawkins family, starting with Jefferson

I am incredibly blessed to have married into such a phenomenal family. The Hawkins' are a lovely, rowdy, smart, funny, and oh so talented bunch. I've mentioned so many times already how creative Kim is and it turns out his big brother Jeff is too. It's really hard to know where to start, Jeff's talents are very diverse. He is the go-to person if you have a product that you want people to know about and desire. He is the absolute bomb photographer. And most recently, he's taken up 3D modeling software -- completely self taught.

Jeff is one of the reasons we want to live in Portland. He's been there about a year and is loving it. We visited last August and were sold immediately. Kim has two sons living there as well. And we're hoping Slayde will move there when she's finished law school. (My not so secret wish is that Allison and Carl will want to move to Portland some day.) I'll be telling you more about sons Abe and Shue in another post. Also, more about Slayde and her lovely grandmother Evelyn, later.

This is one of my most favorites of Jeff's photographs. Yes, it was PhotoShopped. And what a great job of it! The woman and the outfit are real, Jeff took out all the people around her and put her in the sky.

On Jeff's main blog, he posts a lot about his travels around Portland, over to the Oregon coast, San Fransisco and Texas. His photography is simply awesome. Here's the underneath part of St. John's Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in this country, IMHO.

Here is Jeff's take on what's happening to $cientology. It's a project he's doing to teach himself the 3D modeling software. I love it.

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