Some geeky things

Kim is the serious geek in our family and I learned about these two things from him. I want to pass them along because they are very useful in this digital-email-linkedup (or is it linkedin, or maybe it's linkedto, whatever)-bloggy-yahoogroup kind of world.

The first thing is a place where you can type in an acronym and find out what the hell other people are talking about when they talk in abbreviations. This is very annoying to me, this talking in initials. Like IMVHO or LMAO or LGBQ or any of the thousands of other irritating shorthands. Butsoanyway, it's called acronym finder and I use it about 200 times a day. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration.

The other is a site where you can paste in a ridiculously long url and get back a little bitty url. This is very handy. I have seriously cursed people who throw gigantic urls into a post without realizing that it gets broken into pieces and then, if you want to actually go look at it, you have to fumble around with copying it and pasting it. Too much work. So. In the interest of making your links in your posts really easy to use, check out tinyurl.

You can thank me later.

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Allison said...

even carl didn't know about this!