Random old photos

I was just rummaging through an old folder stuck in the back of yet another folder and lo! Look what I found.

A rose in New Orleans, May 2005.

Bamboo shoots, San Diego Zoo. I didn't use a tripod -- it was dark and I liked the blur.

Water and beer glasses, Quigs Restaurant in San Diego, the weekend Bruce and Celia visited.

Very old door, New Orleans, May 2005.


Lauri said...

Cathy, Your flower images are the best I have seen anywhere. They always seem so real that I can almost smell them. Your angles are just poetic. Thank you for finding these!

Jeff said...

I love the old New Orleans door. Something fascinating to me about old doors, the textures are wonderful. Did you know you can correct that slight parallax in Photoshop? Use the "Spherize" command but enter a minus value, like -1%. Takes a bit of fiddle. I'm sort of anal about squaring things up.