Ahhhh, yes, watch this

It's been such a very long time since I've thought about, looked at, or experienced in any way, the joys of dance. I'm particularly fond of modern dance -- sure, I've seen some really stupid stuff and have even taken a few really stupid classes. But for the most part, the modern dance that I've seen or been taught has been exciting, inventive, fresh and liberating.

I took a lot of dance classes at Arizona State, some modern, some ballet, a little jazz. And I met some incredible people, very dedicated to their art. That kind of dedication is not something I have or know too much about (except where Kim is concerned). I was married to a dancer/choreographer/teacher and his inability to function outside of the dance world eventually eroded our marriage. For him, a wife was sort of like a light bulb or groceries, it blows out, you get another one. Weird, but I can see how a person would have to do that to succeed. Many of the dancers I knew were like that. People, both dancers and not, were either useful or not.

I miss dancing. I miss it a lot. I'm hoping that I'll get back into it when we move, that somehow I'll be in good enough shape that I can take a class or two. Since the new me wants to exercise, then, what the hell, let's dance!

I have tons of great images of dance -- I was the photographer for the dance program at San Diego State University for a couple years. But they're all packed, waiting to go to Oregon. I'll show them to you when we get to the other side.

I found this today while I was looking for something (I have no idea what) and really really really love it. I hope you enjoy it too. The choreographer is Nadia Oussenko, and she's just a whole lot of fun and energy.


uncle said...

where's the video link?

Cathy Mullins said...

In the last paragraph, the word "this" is the link. I'm sorry if it wasn't clear.