Pen and ink and more

I've always loved pen and ink drawings. I tried for years to learn even the rudimentary skills necessary to make a decent drawing. I got pretty good at abstract drawings and I liked them a lot. But the genes for drawing and painting went to my older brother, I got different creative juices.

I was visiting at Flawless Beauty and she introduced me to Kayte Terry, who has the blog love forever and Kayte introduced me to Kristy Hall, who, among other things, has just finished The Diary Project. Okay, did you follow that? In other words, I was blog surfing and I'm so very glad I did and in the direction I did. I enjoy fb for her tips on natural skin/body care. I'd never wandered into any other places from hers and just decided on a whim to go over to lf. love forever is awesome. I'll be going back for lots more of that lady's inspiration.

But I was telling you about my love of pen and ink drawings. And that would be why I mentioned The Diary Project. Kristy describes it this way:

"The Diary Project is a year long art project. Every day in 2007 I am drawing on an envelope, placing something secret inside and posting it to myself before my midnight deadline. When these envelopes return to me they will be kept unopened until they can be exhibited as a whole artwork. Members of the public will then be able to open the letters and investigate the contents. Once the letters have been opened, the contents will be displayed on the Diary Project blog. If you're a gallery owner who would like to exhibit the completed project in 2008, please email me.

Check it out: "Members of the public will then be able to open the letters and investigate the contents." Wow. I'd go to that exhibit. I love that she was willing to draw an envelope every day. I love that she was thinking of a year of envelopes. She used lots of other things (media?) besides ink, like gouache, pencils, watercolor. Here are a few of the envelopes:

In The Diary Project, each envelope is described, the materials used, sometimes the inspiration for the drawing. It truly is fascinating and inspirational. She makes it look so easy. Go visit, you'll like it.

And after that, if you're really inspired and you want more, more, more, you MUST go see her other artworks.


Coffee Messiah said...

This appears like a MailArt type project.

Creativity comes in all forms and I truly believe since they've taken it out of the schools, some kids, who may be inspired, be it music, art, thinking are losing out on one of the most promising aspects of life.

Cathy Mullins said...

Yes, definitely MailArt. And she does so much more! Did you look at her 'collections?' She's great.

I had students (who sort of worked for me) in my Media Lab when I worked at a high school. We played all day, there were no judges, no grades, just play. I tried to help them turn off the critics in their heads.

melissa lion said...

Oh! You totally did. I always remember our one rule -- NO HOMEWORK! We had so much fun. We laminated fake IDs and finger painted and recored our voices and played in the dark room. I can't believe that somewhere in my brain, I know how to develop pictures! Thank you!

Coffee Messiah, you should have been there!

Sorry about the fake IDs, they sucked, really.

Cathy Mullins said...

Fake IDs!!?? Huh. Who knew?
I'm glad you had so much fun -- I did too. Remember the rain drops hanging from the ceiling? And the time we made the room to be like it was under water? Were you there for that?

Yes, I'm sure it's like riding a bicycle, once you learn (film developing), you always know how.

Thanks Melissa, you've always made me feel I was doing the right thing.

Kirsty said...

Thanks for blogging about The Diary Project, Cathy. I'm thrilled that you like my work.