We went to New York

This was the first time we didn't take a cab into the city from JFK. The city finally finished the AirTrain so travelers can save big bucks getting to and from the airport. After the AirTrain, we took the J train into Manhattan -- it's above ground all the way across Queens and Brooklyn and the Williamsburg Bridge, then it drops underground just as it arrives on the Lower East Side. Allison and Carl live two blocks from that stop.

This is the view from their balcony late in the afternoon, which is when we got there.

Pala Pizza Romano
That night we went out for the most incredible pizza we'd ever had. Al and Carl have these favorite places they take us, oooh, so yummy. This place is voted best pizza year after year.

So, this is part one of our trip. More later. Kiss kiss.


Slayde said...

That pizza looks delicious! I look forward to hearing more about your trip.

Coffee Messiah said...

Oh man, Thanks for the tip from the airport. We've been considering a trip and all I can remember from "way back when" with my parents was the crazy cab ride into town and how long it took just to go a block or 2.

Keep showing the food. That's one of our reasons for going too!

Stay safe! ; )

Allison said...

We tried another fantastic flavor from them...artichokes, ham and yummy cheese.