Florida stories: Winter

This is what you might expect when you hear "winter." Thanks to Lauri (in Kasilof) for this picture of her version of winter.

Or, perhaps this. Thanks to Bruce and Celia for this picture from their recent skiing vacation.

Winter could even look like this (Portland). I stole this from Melissa's blog post titled It Snow Joke. I had to read that about a dozen times before I got it. omg (if you don't know what omg means, use the acronym finder I told you about earlier.) (Yes, I'm being snotty. Deal with it.)

But this?? Please. I know I have no business whining and complaining about the lovely, warm weather here in Florida, but you must understand how incredibly monotonous and boring it is. It's f*&%$*g 75° and 75% humidity for chrissakes. It's unpleasant to have this weather all the time. There needs to be change. Oh, I forgot. It did get cold a few weeks ago, it dropped down to 50, we were really shivering that night.

But, we need to move on, right? We can talk about this tree. It's lovely when it's in bloom. Then it drops all the flowers. That's a bit messy. After the flowers, of course, come the seed pods. Naturally, that's the order of things. Now, this is where it gets truly nightmarish. There are tens of thousands of seed pods and each one has about a dozen seeds. Remember when I showed you the picture of vacuuming the yard? Well, one of the reasons for doing that was the hope (ridiculous, I know) that I could somehow mitigate all the baby trees that I knew were about to spring up.

There they are. And don't tell me you can't see them. Millions and millions of tiny baby trees. The entire yard covered with them. I have just spent two whole days carefully pulling them up, making sure to get the root. I filled my bucket 20 times. Kim took breaks and came outside to help. He pulled hundreds just on his breaks. We still have the back yard to do.

This morning the guy from the lawn care service was here to apply fertilizer. He said, "Oh, don't worry about those little trees, they die after they've been mowed down a few times."



Slayde said...

Incredible! Its hard to tell that you're living in the jungle under ordinary circumstances, but those wee baby trees give it away!

uncle said...

oh, my...sorry to giggle.
What kind of tree is it? Got a picture of the blooming thing?

Cathy Mullins said...

Slayde, yes, i've seen many a yard where the owner has given no thought to the encroaching jungle. very weird, to me.

uncle, you're laughing??!! someone told me the name of the tree ages ago and it's gone from my wee brain. i do have a picture of the seed pods, they're a soft pink color. the blooms are yellow. it can be lovely. just horribly messy.

uncle said...

I apologize again for giggling. I was assuming mowing the jungle worked and you could do that on the back yard.

Cathy Mullins said...

uncle, actually today we mowed the front AND the back yards. alas, our mower doesn't cut low enough to get the tops of these f$%^&ers, so we're back to pulling them. and please, laugh all you want. what are blogs for, after all?

uncle said...

ok. ok. no more laughing. sympathy for some aching weed pulling backs and wishes for a mower that cut lower.