Fabulous Saturday morning inspiration

Well, I just finished my morning blog surfing and I just have to share a few things with you.

First, there's spit-fire, two time published author Melissa, railing against stupid mofos who insist on telling her she cannot make it as a writer in Portland. I agree with her: Who says that? Obviously envious, insecure, mean-spirited folks say that. In her post she points us to an interview with Ariel Gore on Bookslut.com. I have to admit I'd never heard of Ms. Gore before, and that's okay, there are thousands of wonderful people I've never heard of. But thanks to blogging and surfing the web, I'm finding out about many of them and enjoying the hell of it. I'm grateful for the pointers from other bloggers to other blogs or sites or whatevs (little nod to Melissa). The interview with Ms. Gore was inspirational. It reminded me of my youthful self-confidence, promises I made to myself, and the fearlessness that one must have to survive, nay, not just survive, but flourish, thrive, blossom. The words were from Ariel, about Ariel, but I saw Melissa there as well.

I usually stop in at FakePlasticFish to see what's up with Beth, what progress she's making in eliminating plastic from her life, what new tips she has for the rest of us. I invite you to read Giving up the struggle: stories of ants and cats and hair products gone awry. I found my muscles relaxing, my breathing grew calmer. Whew. I needed that. And she throws in a great book recommendation as well. Don't be misled by the title, she has not given up her purpose to rid herself of unnecessary plastic, but, like any good introspective human, she acknowledges that there are layers of the onion. That is, the battle is waged in diverse ways. This is something I sorely need to keep in my wee brain. There are no absolutes, there is no black or white. We do what we can do. And we must treasure each other more than we must assert ourselves over each other.

Enjoy. Be inspired. Put your thinking cap on. Go for it. Join the race. Live large.

You go girl!