Why I quit smoking

  1. So I can breathe.
  2. So I don't stink.
  3. Better health overall: circulation is improved, teeth and gums are healthier, less toxins traveling through my entire body (and goodness knows I don't eat enough foods high in anti-oxidants).
  4. No cigarette butts to worry about when I'm out (even though my sweet husband keeps buying me portable ashtrays).
  5. So our house doesn't stink. When we lived in San Diego, I only smoked outside. Here in Florida I had been smoking inside. Yuck.
  6. No ashtrays to clean.
  7. Save $$.
  8. To impress people.
  9. So my clothes don't stink.
  10. To prove that I could do it.


Slayde said...

And... you get to keep feeling damn good about yourself for quitting. Almost two years later, and I'm still patting myself on the back. Last week, it came to mind when I was brushing my teeth before a job interview and it struck me (again) how great it was not to need to worry about smelling like smoke.

Simply Curious said...

I smoke. I've been saying I'm going to quit forever, but I'm so scared of weight gain that I keep on pushing it off.
I never smoke in public, which cuts down majorly on the amount that I do smoke, and I never ever smoke in the house.

Huge congrats for quitting. Takes a ton of willpower.

Cathleen Mullins said...

Dear Simply Curious,

Try reading The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Just read it. Don't think about quitting. Keep smoking as much as you want. The eating after quitting smoking doesn't HAVE TO happen. And it doesn't take a ton of willpower after that book.

Dear Slayde,

Consider yourself patted on the back by me too. And good for you for not flaunting it. I admire that.


Jeff said...

Remember the most important reason: Because you are a non-smoker.