Florida stories: Bad colors

There are colors that just simply should never be used on the outside of houses. In my opinion, of course. It's just wrong to paint a house pink.

Or yellow with dark purple (maybe it's dark blue) trim. I'm sure some folks would say it makes sense to use these colors because they're the colors of their favorite team. Of course. What was I thinking?

I also believe that lime green is a bad color for a house. Maybe you could get away with just a small bit of this color somewhere on the outside, but I'm thinking, why would you want to?

Here's another dark yellow one. What is it with these obscene colors? Why would anyone choose this for their house? Of course, in my humble opinion, the answer is: This is Florida.


Slayde said...

Oh my! Ben and I like to tell wild stories about the houses we saw in FL, but I see that they still outdo our storytelling skills. Nice work chronicling the outrageous colors.

lorelei said...

ACK! you were so right! those are gawd awful!!! i would hate to have to look at those all day!!!