What I know about Human Rights abuses: Scientology

I'm a little bit behind the curve here -- I just now found out that today is a Bloggers Unite day and the topic is Human Rights. There are plenty of excellent posts on excellent blogs.

I have a pretty limited view. I don't read the papers or listen to TV/radio news. I'm woefully uninformed. It's a bad habit that comes from being afraid to know about all the pain in this world. I don't like admitting it, but it's true. I can't see what I can do to help.

So, what I know personally about Human Rights abuses has to do with the Church of $cientology and their horrible treatment of Sea Org members. I experienced a tiny bit of this treatment in 1969: I was locked in a basement because I said I wanted to go home. I was 3 months pregnant and was not getting enough sleep or good nutrition. I just wanted to go home and take good care of myself and my baby. That made me an enemy of theirs and that's what they do with enemies -- they lock them up. (Or they declare them Suppressive Persons and then sic the dogs on them.) I eventually talked my way out of the basement and out of the office and into my sister's car. She drove me home. The "church" began calling the next day -- I should come back immediately, they'll take good care of me, etc., etc. And this is a mild story. It's fairly unbelievable what they are doing at this very moment and in this country. They have forced labor prison camps in Hemet and Los Angeles, California and in Clearwater, Florida. They force young women to get abortions or face losing "everything." Most Sea Org members work about 126 hours a week for $25 - $30 dollars/week (if that). They live on rice and beans for months at a time. They are physically, mentally and spiritually abused day in and day out. And they are told that if they leave, they will starve and be bums on the street.

Here are a few places you can go if you want to inform yourself about this evil cult and it's Human Rights abuses:

Counterfeit Dreams
Ex-Scientology Kids
Exposing the Con
Scientology Disconnection
Why I Left Scientology
Ask the Scientologist

And there are things you can do. Find out about the next Anonymous protest and maybe participate: Enturbulation.org -- A Source for Information on Activism Against the Scientology Organization.

I've been to all the Anonymous protests so far and they are great. These people are courageous, fun, funny and very committed to making the evil cult known as $cientology crumble.

Rock on Anonymous!


Connie said...

I'm appalled at what I've read and seen. I live near Clearwater and see those zombies roam the streets. I've seen Tom Cruise defend this ruse of a religion.

I'm sorry for whatever you've been through. I'm happy that you're out now.

I've written a post on my blog about sexual slavery or human trafficking. I hope you'll take a look.

Beth said...

GREAT idea for a human rights post! I wish I'd thought of it myself, but I've written about the lack of freedom in the Middle East (specifically, Yemen).

Funny how when human rights issues come up everyone usually thinks first of other countries, but we've got our own despots right here in the Co$ (and other dangerous cults, but the CoS is a dangerous AND expensive one). You're a brave woman, and I'm so glad you're safe from the Sea Org vampires now. I don't know if you're religious at all, but I'll still say God bless you. You've definitely earned it.

Thanks to Anonymous, I've learned a whole lot about Co$ that I'd never have bothered to investigate otherwise. People like you and Anonymous are REALLY making a difference!

Coffee Messiah said...

Religion, who evers, always divides and manipulates.....when will people finally feel enough inner strength to see through the false & negative ideals?

Glad you made it out and make some noise about the experience.

Hope you're enjoying your new digs!

Cheers! ; )

Anonymous said...


Cathy said...

Connie -- thanks for the comments and that's a frightening story you tell about sexual slavery.

Beth -- thanks for commenting and I can always use more blessings.

CM -- you'd be very surprised at who is cult bait, it's not always the ones you think. Some very smart people have joined up, only to awaken one day with that really bad taste in their mouths.

anonymous -- thank you for the link, chanologynews is awesome.