Happy New You

The first New Year's Eve that Allison was a little person who walked and talked, she misunderstood what we were saying to each other all through the evening. She would walk up to a new arrival and say "Happy new you!" with her big smile. Everyone loved it. Of course. It was actually closer to the sensibility of the moment than happy new year. The idea of new year's resolutions certainly has everything to do with making yourself over, doesn't it? On the eve of a new year, we can re-invent ourselves, become whatever we can imagine.

So Allison and Carl and me and Kim wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YOU!


Lauri said...

Allison, you look Gorgeous, but then, you always had an easy way with beauty! Happiness becomes you; but never would have pictured you in NYC-- Wow.

Allison said...

Thanks Laurie! NYC is a crazy city - energizing, frustrating, exciting and always different!