Stories told by flowers: An open letter to my sister

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for so many things, mostly for my pride and stubbornness.
I'm sorry too for my quick temper and selfishness.
I'm sorry for pain I've caused you because of my foolishness.
I'm sorry your life has been so hard.
I wish I were farther along on the path of forgiveness.
I wish our family had been a happy, nurturing family.
I wish growing up had been fun, full of joy and learning.
I wish for strength and peace inside myself.
I wish I wasn't waiting for you to apologize first.
Thank you for the beautiful daylilies in my garden.


Simply Curious said...

I wish my sister would write me something like this.

Jeff said...

Beautifully expressed, and shows the underlying love that is there despite anything that has happened.

Tori said...

Why are you waiting for her to apologize first?? What does she have to apologize for??